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Hell's Bells: Tales for the Sick Minded

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Hell's Bells: Tales for the Sick Minded

By Clayton Cozart

We promise this book of short tales will be the most offensive book in your library. Clayton Cozart has a wonderful way with words, each new character, description and plot twist will make the reader plead with the author, "please, don't go in this direction! I don't want my mind to see this!" Each tale comes from the blackest depths of humor. and horror. Pass Uncle Cozart's book around among friends, making each other curdle and laugh endlessly. It will assuredly be banned. 

From the back cover:
"You may have just made the biggest mistake of your pathetic life by picking up this book. This book is a toxic, mind-numbing compilation of violence, misogyny, racism, cannibalism, infanticide, disfigurement, torture and inhumanity that would make Charles Manson want to take a slug to the back of the head. This is the book that Richard Ramirez would be reading in prison right now if lymphoma didn’t get him first. Cannibal Holocaust? The Human Centipede? A Serbian film? Child’s Play! This book takes demented to a whole new level that nobody was asking for. This book is everything that is wrong with the first amendment. Should it have been published anywhere but the United States the author would certainly be put to death. Just reading a single passage of one of these visceral tales will damn your soul to hell five times over. Jesus hates your guts for looking at front cover! Right wing extremists, anarchists, Satanists, and gore hounds alike needed to be provided with barf bags when this book was given to our hardened test subjects. In hell, Satan himself gave this book as a birthday gift to Saddam Hussain, Stalin, Pol Pot and H.W Bush. The guy who wrote all this down is now is now spending the rest of the year in a mental institution. The plot line of each story is shockingly coherent for being scribbled down by an unhinged lunatic. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this book today and unleash your own personal apocalypse, ruin your mind!"


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