CAVE PACK (13 Year Anniversary Edition Pre-Order) $125 + $25 USA Shipping

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One Pack 4 Items:

1 CAVE EVIL (13 Year)
1 ASSAULT ON LAIR T-Shirt (choose size below)
1 NECROMANCER POSTER 24" x 36" offset Gloss


500 Pre-orders will need to be made before going forward. If funding is successful, we'll begin the print process in early 2024. The fundraising is to not only assure a budget but also to figure out printing quantities. We'll have the fundraiser up at least 3 months to gauge how many copies we ought to make. If we get an idea of this number beforehand we may begin the printing process earlier. After the 3 months time, we'll determine our plans.

Any store items bought with Pre-Order will be sent immediately as a normal order.

In our fundraisers we offer the Game with the type of shipping costs needed. A single game with the various shipping options:

CAVE EVIL (pre-order) USA shipping HERE
CAVE EVIL (pre-order) Mexico/Canada shipping HERE
CAVE EVIL (pre-order) Rest of World shipping HERE