Alicorns (Card Game)

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Race your Alicorns, helping each other: the more you help, the more you fly!

Alicorns is "The Niece's Game," designed for my 5-year-old niece who loved it from the beginning.

It has been showcased as a prototype at various fairs and has been adored by Moms with Daughters, Grandmothers with Granddaughters, Kids, and Families of all ages who played it with me. Now it's ready and printed :)

Alicorns are happy creatures when they all fly together, like the colors on a rainbow :)

If you're playing with 2 players, choose 4 Alicorns each. If you're playing with 3 or 4 players, choose 2 Alicorns each. If you have 5-8 players, choose 1 Alicorn each.

Each card moves all the Alicorns illustrated on the card forward by one space.

For example, the "Yellow" card moves Sun and Star forward by one space.

With 5 cards from the deck turned face down, create the path in front of the Alicorns.

Each turn, starting with the youngest player and going clockwise, draw a card from the scattered and turned deck and move ALL the Unicorns with that characteristic

(wings raised, red color, etc.)

Or don't use that card...

To Fly, in life and on the rainbow... you must learn to help others too! ;)

The first Alicorn to cross the finish line... Is the winner!

On the website, you can see many examples and learn how to create new imaginative winged steeds invented by you!

—description from the designer


Created and Illustrated by Angelo Porazzi 2022

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