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  • Cave Evil: Warcults

    A game of subterranean battle tactics for 2-4 players.

    This pre-order is only 500 copies. When the original Warcults was made we had printed 500 extra in most materials. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LIMITED. Our aim is to have this finished by 1st or 2nd quarter of 2019.

    We cannot sell 2 copies by page as we are to limited quantity, but if you order 2 or more we can adjust shipping prices as needed. Contact us at for shipping adjustment.

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    “There! Captain! Upon the Horizon!” Words shouted upon the mast of the ship Ishara. She sails, slicing through the endless waters of 1850. Whalers, at the end of their hunt, voyage toward a nearby land. The waters darken. It is Halloween night. Upon the mast a strange warning is called. ‘What is upon the horizon?! Is it Whale? Or perhaps an innocent shipwrecked sailor in need of help?’ The Captain considers the tone of the voice, there is certainly something more haunting within the call, a fear. ‘A shark? A tidal wave? What is upon on that horizon? In the blackness of the night?’
  • Warcults: Leather Counters (Made to Order)

    Leather Counters of Warlord, Comanders I,II and III, and Necromancer. 5 Counters in four different colors Red, Yellow, Purple and Gray 20 total. This product is a made to order handcrafted by Leather Craftsmen Micheal Kerr.
  • Warcults: Warlord Pin

    It knows no light, this Cave... Endless tunnels, endless battle, endless Death! 1" tall hard enamel pin. Two pin posts with rubber clutches
  • Metal Minis: 4 Warlords!

    4 Hand Crafted Pewter Mini's by Manuel Ingeland from Uppsala Sweden. Limited Edition of 20. SOLD OUT
  • Previous Issues of Halloween Nightmares

    “Lucian the Powerful’s Tremendous Tent of Monstrosities” nestled in a small Florida town in October of 1963, soon after came the disappearances. Where was Clay? Or Barry the kind Feed Store worker? Or even the old woman down the street? They all seemed to vanish when that damned tent was put up. Vaughn and Lucinda believe the answers might be within the Tent of Monstrosities itself. Late at night, clipping the fence, the two venture inside. The true story of what happened on this blood-drenched evening comes alive in the pages and gameplay of Halloween Nightmares Horrorgame Magazine.
  • FREAKFACE!!! 10 Postcard Set

    10 Unique Cards by Commode Minstrels In Bullface. Write your friends all over the world, let them know how you are doing.
  • Psycho Raiders

    In 1978 four friends experience a nightmarish ordeal. Steve, Randy, Ginger, and Dawn innocently set out to camp and enjoy the countryside near a small town on Halloween. Unfortunately their car breaks down and they meet with pure darkness, the Psycho Raiders, once they are on your trail, they hunt to the death...
    This horrifying halloween night may not be survived. The true story of what happened on this fateful evening comes alive in the pages and gameplay of Halloween Nightmares.
  • World War III - Folio Game

    The greatest horror has begun, life knows not its fate. Man has chosen the war of nightmares. The will of Unions and Nations advance into the global inferno, aiming for survival and supremacy.
    What might World War III be like?

    The Goal: 2 to 7 players battle as the will of Unions and Nations to gain the most value in territories. Nukes may be launched, Technologies can be advanced, Nations may be Allied and Pacts can be made but only one player can claim Victory!

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  • Xas Irkalla (Hardcover Role Playing Game)

    Suffer a blackened birth into a desolate land of surreal horror. A world wounded by psychic warfare, mind-controlled cities, interdimensional labyrinths, and wasteland tribes. You are the alien here; the last survivor of your species. Your existence must be earned.

    Xas Irkalla is a hardcore survival-horror roleplaying game, written and illustrated by James Vail, set in a world inspired by Cormac McCarthy's The Road, chaos-gnostic satanic black metal, and ancient Mesopotamia. When the story begins, the characters wake up naked in a dark maze of intersecting dimensions, spawned by the nightmares of dead psychics. After emerging from ground zero, they must face the ash-laden wastelands as scavengers clad in rags and bones. Eventually, they may become rulers over small settlements, gladiators in one of the slave cities, or explorers that unlock the mysteries of psychic powers.


  • Abandoned Places: Complete Discography

    Delve into the deepest dismal dimensions of despair and danger with these modern dungeon synth classics.
  • KVVL Cave Evil Radio Mix - CS90

    Dungeon soundtracks from KVVL radio for Cave Evil creeping and killing. GVR: 2, 90 minutes. Now also available in both 320k mp3s and flac files.
  • Khand - The Fires Of Celestial Ardour, Interstellar Dominions, bonus tracks - CS90

    Full album, EP and 3 bonus tracks as a key to the darkest farthest realms. GVR: 2, 90 minutes.
  • Into Oblivion - Creation Of A Monolith - CS94

    Full 6 song 94min album. Relentless visceral Death Metal trance states. A gem of progressive death re-released on cassette. GVR: 6.66
  • Horror Grind Mixtape 1: The Belasco Bequest (CS)

    Limited edition pro-dubbed cassette with double-sided insert & library case. EXTREME ULTIMATE!
  • Phantasm - The Abominable (1995) CASS

    Re-Issue of 1995 album. Metallic Blue Cassette. Limited to 100 copies. Dread Records.
  • Internal Void - Standing on the Sun (Cass)

    Internal Void - Standing on the Sun - Doom. ORIGINAL NBA. Factory Sealed 1993
  • Life Garden: The Living Room Tapes

    Any listener of esoteric, ritual, or the ancient qualities of dungeon-synth look no further, the masters of such recordings have returned.
  • RS06 Marder III - Senseless Nightmarish Gaze (digital release)

    Digital Dungeon soundtracks from KVVL radio for Cave Evil creeping and killing. GVR: 2, 90 minutes. Available in both 320k mp3s and flac files.
  • Backyard Mortuary - Lure of the Occult (CD)

    Hailing from Australia, BACKYARD MORTUARY formed in 2002 with the intention of creating rotten Death Metal in the vein of the late 80s/early 90s classics. The demo ‘Dead Goregous’ was recorded and self-released later that year and shortly after the line-up was completed and live shows followed.
    In 2005 a self-titled EP was recorded and released through Australian label Beer in Your Ear and on cassette through Swedish label Zombie Ritual Tapes (An old sub-label of Blood Harvest Records). A cover of Death’s ‘Mutilation’ was also recorded for a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner compilation, released through Chinese label Area Death Productions.

  • DVD
  • Damon Packard's: Fatal Pulse (Blu-Ray)

    Damon Packard's four-year in the making epic follows the exploits of husband/wife moguls trapped with a deadbeat couch potato brother in a hallucinogenic 1-900 world of 1991. Everyone is plotting the kill everyone else including themselves and ultimately do. Inspired by the corporate take-over era of the late 80s/early 90s and all the dark, atmospheric, neo-noir thrillers that came along with it. Starring: Jennifer Field, Starlette Miariaunii, Kris Park - Runtime: 1 hour, 55 minutes - FORMAT: Blu Ray
  • FOXFUR (2012 DVD-r)

    A sweet, frazzled, fragile, mentally unbalanced young girl obsessed with crystals, dolphins, Plieadians, David Icke, and Richard Hoagland becomes increasingly disillusioned with the realm of new age philosophy. In particular her obsession and connection with the Billy Meier Pleiadian contacts. She is evicted from her room and forced into the outside world subject to the effects of "The Dead Zone". A world that we know as a time not meant to exist. A period where everything turns in circles, where the true original experience of life simply doesn't exist anymore. Now she must discover the secret of the year 1982 and its connection to the present day 2012.
  • RS06 Marder III - Senseless Nightmarish Gaze (digital release)

    Digital Dungeon soundtracks from KVVL radio for Cave Evil creeping and killing. GVR: 2, 90 minutes. Available in both 320k mp3s and flac files.

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