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Creature of Destruction is a 1967 American made-for-television film produced and directed by Larry Buchanan. It is an uncredited color remake of the 1956 movie The She Creature directed by Edward L. Cahn.

The film was one of a series of extremely low-budget 16mm color remakes Larry Buchanan produced and directed for AIP (American International Pictures) via his Dallas-based Azalea Pictures and was shot entirely in and around the Tanglewood Lodge at Lake Texoma on the TexasOklahoma border.

Because of the movie’s bargain basement budget, Buchanan could not afford anything as ornately bizarre and iconic as Paul Blaisdell‘s design for the original She Creature, so his Gill Monster costume, created by Dallas advertising executive turned makeup effects artist Jack Bennett, consisted of an ill-fitting and only slightly modified green rubber wetsuit and a cheap-looking fanged and finned, ping pong ball-eyed fish mask which Buchanan later reused as a briefly seen cave-dwelling dinosaur in his 1969 film ‘It’s Alive!’.

Aron Kincaid made the film as part of an out-of-court settlement with AIP. He filmed for two weeks to meet his contractual obligations then left to return home. Buchanan was upset as he still had three days of scenes for Kincaid to do. He accompanied him in the cab to the airport, taping the rest of his dialog in the back seat.

In addition to playing one of the She Creature’s victims, Texas Rockabilly singer Scotty McKay (a.k.a. Max K. Lipscomb, 1939-1991) performed three songs in the movie including Here Comes Batman, his tribute to the popular TV series.

The quote that begins and ends most prints of the movie, “There is no monster in the world…so treacherous as man“, is attributed to the 16th century French Renaissance writer Michel de Montaigne.


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