Waylon Jennings - Honky Tonk Heroes (CD)

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    This is the quintessential "Outlaw country" album. Waylon Jennings spent the early '70s working his way up to this rough-and-tumble masterpiece, arguably the finest album of his prolific career. Jennings was so taken with the songwriting of Nashville rowdy Billy Joe Shaver that he decided to record this all-Shaver album (with the exception of the Fritts/Seals-penned "You Asked Me To"), which helped put Shaver on the map as the poet laureate of the Outlaw set.
Jennings eschewed the lush countrypolitan sound in favor of a raw, electrified approach that owed more to the Rolling Stones than to Billy Sherrill. With a small band and simple arrangements, he introduced contemporary rock-oriented beats into his hard-hitting country sound, adding some funky grit to Shaver's common-man poetics on tunes about the tougher side of life. HONKY TONK HEROES inspired a subsequent generation of country iconoclasts, as well as spurring on Jennings's contemporaries like Willie Nelson and Tompall Glaser. It stands as one of the most important country recordings of the '70s.
  • 1.Honky Tonk Heroes
  • 2.Old Five And Dimers (Like Me)
  • 3.Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me
  • 4.Low Down Freedom
  • 5.Omaha
  • 6.You Ask Me To
  • 7.Ride Me Down Easy
  • 8.Ain't No God In Mexico
  • 9.Black Rose
  • 10.We Had It All
  • 11.Slow Rollin' Low - (bonus track)
  • 12.You Ask Me To - (single version, bonus track)