RS01 KVVL Cave Evil Radio Mix - CS90

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Dungeon soundtracks from KVVL radio for Cave Evil creeping and killing.  GVR: 2, 90 minutes. Now also available in both 320k mp3s and flac files.


A1 Night Of Ultraviolence Doomed Faction Of Nyconthrope
A2 Crypt Enforcer Onward! To The Crystal!!!
A3 Swordsect Chamber Of Rot
A4 Abandoned Places Infinite Pit Of Shadow
A5 Manifester Troubled Ritual
A6 Cex Luminescent Gills
A7 Marder.III Necromancer's Lamentation Of Defeat
A8 Muroc Bribe & Construct
B1 Hatred (3) Thru Blinding Fire
B2 Crypt Enforcer Lava Dawn
B3 Whispers Of Dead Gods It Rises From The Depths Of Fingers And Maggots
B4 Swordsect Tunneling
B5 Tres Quatro Whirling Black Knives
B6 Mammal (2) Bridge Of Scythes
B7 OOZN DMRR Phased To Sediment
B8 Whispers Of Dead Gods Oblivion Abyss
B9 Khand Spectre

Mixed ByRotten Shape

Sounds [Special Sound Effects]Damon Packard


90 Minute Seamless Soundtrack Mix from the Cave Evil Internet Radio featuring 15 artists, for use with the Cave Evil Necro-Demonic Dungeon Brawl Boardgame.

Copyright 2013 Cave Evil and the artists.

Note: To preserve the feeling of the original cassette tape, the digital downloads contain tracks for side A and side B.

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