Doom Catacomb - Necromancy in Naat (CS)

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HDK 59 † Necromancy in Naat

"Dead longing, sundered evermore from pain:
How dim and sweet the shadow-hearted love,
The happiness that perished lovers prove
In Naat, far beyond the sable main".


The bard of the unexplicable nightmares is back: DOOM CATACOMB gives us his masterpiece, the third and final chapter of a trilogy dedicated to the writer Clark Ashton Smith, started in 2018 with "Empire of the necromancers" and continued in 2019 with "The weaver in the vault".

"Necromancy in Naat" takes the music of DOOM CATACOMB to even darker and more mysterious levels, it will accompany you on a hallucinating journey into pain and evil, but it will also convey the romantic and decadent inspiration of the homonymous story by C.A. Smith.


"Necromancy in Naat" tells of Prince Yadar's desperate search for his beloved Dalili; the search will bring Yadar, castaway, to the black island of Naat, an enigmatic place where necromancy and horror reign:

The gloomy "Necromancy in Naat" cassette contains a 32-page booklet whose reading will accompany you as you listen to the album.