Forgotten Pathways - Shrouded In Mystery (CD)

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Salvaged from the depths of time, out of the cellars and dungeons, of the deadwood of vast forests and the ruins of castles long razed and deserted, DUNKELHEIT PRODUKTIONEN is proud to announce the re-release of FORGOTTEN PATHWAYS' first demo tape Shrouded In Mystery from 1998! Almost exactly 23 years after it was originally published on tape, it is now for the first time released exclusively on CD format. The dark and haunting magic of this classic Dungeon Synth gem will entrance your soul and lead you on forgotten pathways through misty woods, to hidden places of the past and trap you in times long gone by. The spirit of 90s Black Metal intros/interludes and of early Medieval Ambient becomes alive again! This re-release includes the original artwork taken from the '98 demo tape, along with exclusive unreleased photos from the Shrouded In Mystery-Era. It features the full original track list, while also including unreleased bonus tracks from the late 90s.