MAMMAL "Come See My Dream" (CS)

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Tracks 1 and 10 were recorded for the soundtrack to the PSYCHO RAIDERS horror board game. (2014)
Track 2 is a Jack Brewer cover song recorded under the influence of prescription cough syrup. (2014)
Track 3 was a song written for the aborted DEATH RIDER soundtrack album. (2013)
Track 4 appeared on the compilation RADIO ACTION II released by Brooklyn radio station Free 103.9 (2004)
Track 5 is from a live recording of an early Mammal gig in Brooklyn, NY (7/13/2002). This set was a live collaboration with Iovae.
Track 6 was recorded for a DJ Dog Dick mixtape that never happened. (2013)
Track 7 was recorded for the CAVE EVIL board game soundtrack. (2012)
Track 8 is an early demo of a song for a future Mammal album. (2016)
Tracks 9 & 11 were recorded during the NO HOPE 7" sessions (2005)
Track 12 appeared on the Nostilevo cassette compilation THE ALLIANCE. (2013)
Track 13 appeared on the WHFR CD compilation MITTEN STATE TRANSMISSIONS. (2006)
Track 14 appeared on the WFMU cassette compilation I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN. (2011)