RS06 - Marder III - Senseless Nightmarish Gaze (digital release)

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Digital Dungeon soundtracks from KVVL radio for Cave Evil creeping and killing.  GVR: 2, 90 minutes. Available in both 320k mp3s and flac files. 


1 Down The Corridor
2 Raise The Hellions
3 March Of Abominations
4 The Pit Of Legend
5 Scratching Of The Claw
6 Realms Of Dread
7 Beneath The Cryptic Fields
8 Glimmering Rat Eyes
9 Crawling Through The Sewers
10 Wandering Through Time
11 Lost Spheroid
12 Demonic Duplication
13 Endless Night
14 Psycho Raiders Extended Theme (Bonus Track)



GVR: Game voice rating= on a scale of 1-5 how difficult is it to speak over this music in a gaming setting ? 5 is most difficult. (of course different gaming groups will have different gvr's)

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