Some Fool - She Oaks, or A Peach-Thorn Pigeon

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The second Cassette in the LATTEN LEGEND LIBER series. Fantasy regarding certain supernatural humiliations visited upon the people of our planet prior to the dissolution and dispersal of the supercontinent Rodinia.

No shield of wisdom or riches, nobility or prowess can protect them from the blows of the Approaching One!

Hand-dubbed cassette in a plastic case approximately the same size and color as the popular pocket version of the Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours for Roman Catholics.

Pit Note: The second cassette in the ambitious gigantic 2 Cassette orchestral dungeon-synth album with 200 page book of metered narrative "LATTEN LEGEND LIBER I & 2". A  fantasy frighteningly derivative of Ariosto, De Troyes, and Chaucer, and probably a few more recent scribblers besides.

THIS PAGE IS ONLY FOR THE CASSETTE: "She Oaks, or A Peach-Thorn Pigeon"

Described on their Some Fool's BANDCAMP page as ""the soundtrack to Walt Disney's Sword in the Stone (1963) had it been scripted by a 25-year old Paul Verhoeven"?"