Marching Order Quick and Dirty #3: Protecting Sir Grumpferd

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* You need the core set to play this delve.

There isn’t much in the realm of work this week, so you’ve begrudgingly agreed to protect Sir Grumpferd on his journey. He is indeed the most famous knight in Rotbottom, as everyone knows what a pain in the ass he is. He’s paying in coin, however, and gods know you need it. According to the knight, it’s just a short walk through the woods. How bad can it be?

Except that there’s something that Sir Grumpferd isn’t telling you and there are a lot of angry goblins trying to kill him. What should have been a simple walk in the woods is quickly turning into a major pain in the ass. To make matters worse, Sir Grumpferd is a bigger danger to your Rogues than the Dire Wolves. I guess there’s no such thing as an easy delve, huh?

Marching Order Quick and Dirties are short, no nonsense adventure delves that fold out into a 6 panel poster. Get in, pillage what you can, and try to get out alive, all in a single session. From escorting knight to robbing wizards, they’re great for a quick game night treat. Oh, and don’t worry- just like any Marching Order delve, they have plenty of bullshit.