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Snake-Wolf #1 was a tale of escape and abandonment, sorcery, societal debt, and the effect of the Stratosfiend on the world.

“Return to the Shattered Woods” is a closer look at what happens when we culturally become dependent on a gift from the stars, and it abandons us. 

What’s Inside?

  • A very strange diner in the woods, frequented by strange people. It has a Job Board, a Panic Room (listing things that would cause you to use it), an an alley where more otherworldly things occur. As well as Rumours and Observations about what the PCs perceive to be true.
  • A Depth Crawl leading through the shattered woods, the deeper you go, the more likely you get lost, and the weirder things start happening. Beware the chained one.
  • 8 new bestiary entries channeling “the monster” not “a monster”. There are demons in wells, bear hunters, a 900 lb boar, and a man known only as the Crab King (he works for the government you know, and his family has been looking for him)
  • A village devoted to a Dying God, with signs and afflictions and cults to build upon this, but don’t you dare LOOK at it. Also OBEY its commands.
  • New Loot from what a Dying God leaves behind as earthly possessions
  • 2 new deities: a dying star god (are you surprised yet?) and a government conspiracy turned reality (ever prayed to a black helicopter?)

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. 


  • Writing - Sean Richer
  • Editing - Jarrett Crader
  • Layout and Design - DAI Shugars
  • Cover Art - Zach Hazard Vaupen