The Weeps RPG

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"Bring us flasks"

"There is a light in the forest
There's a face in the tree
I'll pull you out of the chorus
And the first one's always free"
—"Just the Right Bullets" by Tom Waits

Thin, without fever, not cold, not warm, with empty eyes, without a shirt, the young man under the stuffed quilt heaves himself up, hangs around my throat and whispers in my ear, "Doctor, let me die."
—Excerpt from Franz Kafka's "A Country Doctor"

The Weeps is a new absurdist funny-sadventure from the brilliant minds of Tony Jaguar and Spooky Rusty. Help the  crazy folks of Precious Pearl Town cure their maladies by venturing through the Cry Cry Woods and returning with miracle water. It’s got the devil and other surprises in it

The Weeps is a Cairn compatible adventure made for the A Town, A Forest, A Dungeon Jam.

It contains:

  • A town with 14 NPCs
  • A forest with 20 encounters
  • A dungeon with 7 rooms
  • 9 Creatures
  • And more