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The crystals begin to shine their darkest pitch, into the cavernous fray the Necromancer's retinue must battle. Blackest magic clashing at the The Pit, creatures of shadow and muck ascending and descending, to and from the depths. Wizards from their lairs conduct their asaults, wandering the tunnels and stone in thirst for enemies, as craven and foul.
"Shadow Crystal! Shine your power! Shall we be victorious at this Pit!

I shall conjure and smash mine enemies, defending thine glimmering light. From the wisdom of metals, gore and bone, and the flickering shadowflame I shall amass an army and conduct my assault. But hear? Hear! Hear, the Pit also quakes.

From its depths a great Evil stirs! It calls to me. If we shall dare master the Pit itself we will also be victorious, So be it!"

It is time to begin reprinting Cave Evil. All brief details our on this page. We will be posting further information through videos and tidbits on our internet pages and look at the Boardgamegeek forum.


We will be print this 2024 Edition in exactly the same way as our 2013 Edition in most respects. This edition is not aiming to have owners of the previous editions buy everything again, rather to build the amount of new owners.

Cave Evil Reprint

We are aiming for an almost total reprinting of the 2013 version. All pieces, map and cards will be the same. As far as any differences with the 2013 edition, we will make the box just a tad deeper to assure all newest material fits.

We will update the rules mostly in a design sense, the text will most likely remain the same. The Necromancer pieces will remain standees, but we are adding a new player color.

We have, perhaps, a hairbrained idea that players can meet up with owners of the 2013/11 versions and now become a 5 player game because of a new player color.

The game will still have a map. For a $99 price we must do the map, but if players want to add a game board to their funding see HERE.

Cave Evil Map

Cave Pack


1 CAVE EVIL (13 Year)
1 ASSAULT ON LAIR T-Shirt (choose size below)
1 NECROMANCER POSTER 24" x 36" offset Gloss

Cave Pack

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Cave Evil
Cave Evil Reprint

Cave Evil: USA shipping

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Cave Evil Board
Cave Evil Map Cave Evil: Game Board