a comic (system-agnostic by sean richer)

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What is this? Is it a comic? Is it some R P G thoughts and actions?

I heard a comic is just the sum of its parts. So I guess this comic is a:

  • Neon Straw Demon with 2 bites and a claw
  • A very happy entity named drill
  • condescending reflection spell entity thing
  • A creature you cannot look at
  • What appears to be a T rex and an extremely low fidelity drawing of what also appears to be a person
  • A mesmerizingly happy entity
  • A d4 headed mage?
  • A vampire
  • A shrieking thing
  • A paint splatter mark
  • An undead ram
  • A nice stroll to the park
  • Another t-rex because I have no imagination
  • A cosmic star spiral fish monster
  • A horse that cannot be burned
  • The horse also climbs walls
  • The horse is called hoarse
  • GOD

It’s probably nothing really.

It’s system-agnostic though, so it should work with anything you do it with. I’d suggest DCC, but I always do that… (I hear it's OSE compatible too)

Maybe try It with the new stuff you’ve picked up?

Happy Reading!

— The Author