A Street-Level Guide to URBAN TROIKA Volume 1

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A Street-Level Guide to URBAN TROIKA Volume 1
By Robin Gibson

A central street lined with tall stone buildings, each decorated with absurdly proportioned gargoyles that make goofy faces from the eaves above. The pavement stones are arranged in a swirling spiral pattern, and Troikans believe that stepping on the centermost stone of a spiral is bad luck


A circular, artificial lake filled with marble columns of various heights. This is the only location in Troika where the study and teaching of philosophy is permitted by law. Philosophers claim territory at the top of a column, driving off competition with the power of their demagoguery, or barring that, with a few well-thrown rocks. Successful philosophers ascend to the tallest spires, attracting gondolas full of students, day or night.
The current favorite is Fozwell the Troll, whose "Everyone Ultimately Wants To Eat A Baby" philosophy has earned him rock star status.


A series of arches bricked with crushed military helmets serve as the frame for generations of increasingly decrepit multi storey houses – built with little thought to longevity or fire safety. In some places the buildings on either side of the street converge, forming a dark tunnel of urban mismanagement.

A Street Level Guide to Urban Troika is a resource for TROIKA! that offers a collection of folks, creatures, shops, temples, parks, holidays, catastrophes, small gods and trash to fill the space between adventures in the Infinite City, aiding the referee in running a more open world game. It includes procedures for traveling through the city, contains nearly sixty fully statted enemies and allies and is illustrated throughout.

Physical copies are available through Spear Witch and iglootree. If you would like an itch.io download key to go along with your purchase, forward a copy of your receipt to metalsnail.idea@protonmail.com and I'll send you one.

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