A6ick and Tiered, a crapland. bestiary (TROIKA Compatible)

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After the events of Crapland. And Crapland 2, the gang needed some down time. Sometimes they say that downtime is what causes Problems.

It was Jared who first said “all I need is spells, enemies, and treasure” so we offer this here. See what happened to the gang afterwards…

Inside you find:

  • D33 Bestiary Entries (what happened to the Gang? Find them now as Beasts)
  • D36 Relics of a Past Time (weird snapshots in time)
  • D36 Movies (well actually they are spells that you play back with a dvd player) 



Writing - Sean Richer

Editing - Jarrett Crader (MRC)

ART - Sam Mameli

Cover - Sean Richer, John Singleton Copley

Layout - Glynn Seal (MonkeyBloodDesign)