Bahkauv - Et Bahkouv Kütt (CD)

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In the old days of Aix La Chapelle (Aachen, Germany) and the whole Rhineland lived a creature which was descriped as an deformed calf with sharp fangs, that often lurks near fountains, streams, and sewers. In legend, the creature would ambush intoxicated men at night and latch onto their shoulders, forcing them to carry it around before attacking them. The name of the creature was spelled as "Bahkouv". So it is and was written... BAHKAUV is the materialization of old tales, myths, legends and stories arround the dark past of the place arround the place, that is rooted in a vulcan. A fog lays over the old and forgotten stories, but they are not lost. So the name BAHKAUV stand for a musical concept, which fit as Dungeon Synth, but even as an "historical sound voyage through old times and myths". Let the music tell the tales... Dungeon Synth from Aachen (Gemany) which is based on regional myths, legends, stories and sagas. Recorded by Lupan between 2007 - 2018. Mastered by Alex C. (Dungeon Mastering).

Track Listing

  • Intro/Aquae Granni
  • Fastrada
  • Getrudisnacht zu Aachen (Die Legende vom wehrhaften Schmied)
  • Mundolph und Gundolphus
  • Koylberg zu Eschwylre
  • Der Teufel hat Aachen nicht vergessen