BLACK BLACKMAN (Trading Cards) Series 1

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Excerpt from The Blackmann Chronicles Vol IV - packet 310

"At the now-infamous Benguerra Butchery of 1903, Earth faced its darkest hour. 

Lying lifeless at the feet of Nih'il the Obscurantist (galactic conqueror/tyrant/quantum mystic) was the body of the wealthy Prussian adventurer and proto super-hero Baron Blackmann (alias Karl H. Blackmann II). Unceremoniously dumped next to Blackmann's pulped and bloodied corpse was his famous crime-busting weapon, the Herakles Gauntlet (Mark III), smashed to oblivion.

Only one thing prevented certain annexation into the Obscurantist's galaxy-spanning empire: Blackmann's trusted comrade and weapons master, [REDACTED], a brilliant Afro-Trinidadian scientist and mechanical genius. 

Gathering up the remnants of Blackmann's gauntlet, [REDACTED] jury-rigged the world's first Multidimensional Portal Expander which was fuelled by his latest discovery, the experimental Ebonium-26. Sending out an alarum across the dimensions, [REDACTED] hoped desperately that his multiverse selves might respond. 

Indeed, they did. 

The brutal battle raged for three days and though many lives were lost, in the end Nih'il the Obscurantist was defeated. [REDACTED] once again modified the gauntlet (now called Shango's Hammer - Mark I) and trapped Nih'il's battered body in an Escherian transdimensional cube for all eternity.

In the aftermath of the battle, [REDACTED] boldy took up his deceased partner's mantle and became BLACK Blackman (sic) until his mysterious disappearance in the late 1960s." - Unknown chronicler

Each of these 9 high-quality, silk matte-covered cards features a multiverse version of Black Blackman. Every pack is identical and comes in an old-school wax wrapper, a gum-sized BBM logo sticker (not edible) and as a bonus, the card backs can be assembled into a larger collage."

Anthony S. is an actor, screenprinter, lowbrow collage artist and rabid ludophile from Canada. More from Anthony Santiago HERE