Caroliner - Our American Heritage Volume 1 (Vinyl LP)

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1996 12" Vinyl LP HAND MADE COVER

- Whose Gotten My Teeth Cotten?
- The Ballad of Hamdrags
- Anonymously the Turmite
- Huge Gunset
- Good Luck Shining Tongue
- When Winter's Outside the Door
- Rainbows Made of Meat
- The Days Leap Up and Down
- Yerubae
- The Ark Manager
- "Bad Luck"
- Beeline for the Wet Spot
- My Seeds Wait with Me
- How Tasty the Gunpowder Father?
- Child Heart of Dirt Pump
- The Straw Prisoner Raised in Alarm
- Empty Halo
- The Kin Quilt
- The Indecisive Farming Smell
- For Bread and Ax
- Day of the Terrible Cocksuns
- Pace and Mercy's List
- Wrap Your Rattler Bring Your Coat
- Meuyhammers adn the Boot Wound

c. 1996 (CARO 10)

Original liner notes are as follows:

"In Caroliner's first through ninth LP you may notice there is not always time for specific solos and individuality to shine out their fascinating personalities in a recording. With the struggle to bring the voice and stories to the forefront of the records it is important to tell the song and historical accounts by Caroliner, Singing Bull of the 1800's. The exceptions are many, the seven inch recordings and the live shows have gratuitus swamps of personality with the audience mired in our swamp gas you are inhaling the essence of the persons and guests who make up the whole of Caroliner. This LP also is an exception. Focusing like a target at an inch away we put together our best live music pieces which include between them small compositions and ideas that are to be music on LPs in the following years of Caroliner's existance. The solo is in actuality a song in it's infancy. There is one exception: The second version of "Good Luck Shining Tongue" is in actuality a parody called "Bad Luck" which is an expression we had for the particular show that night. Listed next to the song title are the culprit soloists who were exploring a musical realm showcasing a brilliant talent often overlooked on LPs. We hope to see you in the next nine records. Caroliner, Singing Bull of the 1800's Memorial Band."