Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins - I'm Armed With Quarts Of Blood (LP)

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Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins

"I'm Armed With Quarts Of Blood" (Vinyl LP)

Released in 1990
Each cover is hand made.

From discogs
"A sheet with information and lyrics is included in which the listener is instructed to listen to the introductory locked grooves first. Each locked groove is to be played for one week at a time separately before listening to the rest of the record.

Here are descriptions of the locked grooves in order: The 1st sound you will hear is an explosion of the campfire coming alive with 1800's train and prarie lightning. 2nd has the sound of the whistle you hear for breakdown animal like smile after kissing shit in meantown. 3rd has the sound of the crumble horse and the unicorn man wearing the knife in his brow and his brag yell. 4th is the pipe and organ that made the Levitt kids sane when the snow began to melt."