Cave Evil

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Trailer 2 (2011)

Trailer 3 (2011)

This is the 2013 reprint edition with upgraded components! Including over 340 cards of unique art (no duplicates), over 120 unique creatures, more than 50 items and spells and tons of dungeon events! 48 dungeon tiles for Endless Corridor Combinations, 2 Combat Dice, 1 Spawn Die, Rule book with tons of illustrations, 1 Endgame Blood-eye marker, 24 Necromancer Squad Control Marker sets (for 4 players, controlling up to 17 or more sinister minions), 5 Endgame Event Horizons, Fold out map of the corroded, festering space of the unexplored Necropolis printed on textured paper, Die cut squad markers with stands for player squads, protectors and end game characters, Player Aid cards and End game reference cards
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