Cave Evil: Necromancer with Endgame FULL CRAFTER SET (Universal shipping)

Regular price $111.00

$85 Crafter FULL SET Necromancers & Endgames (+ $26 Universal shipping*) Total $111 (Please read regarding region shipping refunds)


4 Hand sculpted and cast Necromancer Figurines plus each Endgame Event (not included in the game). Warlords are NOT in this set! This is an absolutely limited set, sculpted and crafted by artist and print & play master Manuel Ingeland. This price includes shipping in the USA.

*UNIVERSAL SHIPPING: (MUST READ!!)  In order to track this USA orders will be refunded $13 Can/Mex refunded $8 and Euro orders $11.  $26 goes for any other order in the world.  In order to track inventory best we have to put everything on one page so everyone gets a chance to order from the same stock.  The store other-wise would have to divide orders into regions, making inventory tough to track

Pictures show Varnished Set!