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What is it? Is it a comic? Is it some R P G beasts? Is it poetry? What is worship? What is tribute? 


I heard that comics are just follow ups to past comics, so the sum of the series?  But I guess this is just: 


  • A gaping maw of armor piercing teeth 
  • An untouchable ape 
  • An apparition clad in shadows 
  • A taunting cave demon 
  • A growing cave demon
  • A damned good looking cave demon 
  • A sadistic cave demon 
  • An unkillable cave demon 
  • A centipede that can’t be snuck up on 
  • literal car crash 
  • Dave who summons Dave who summons Dave who summons Dave who summons Dave 
  • The jaws of death 
  • Just an egg viper 
  • A hydra immune to the bane of fairies 
  • witch that is also a jet 
  • The god spider. 
  • death jaw. Not to be confused with jaws of death
  • A face stealer 
  • A horse that commands all who crawl on all fours 
  • Elephant demon of superior evaporation   


It’s likely something though. It should work with anything you do though.  I suggest DCC, but I always do. Honestly try out TVG. (Or Old School Essentials) or anything HD and ascending AC. 


Maybe try it with Wolves Upon the Coast Grand Campaign by lukegearing?

Maybe you want some cool textures?

Maybe you just want to look inside it?