Computarchs: THINKER OHM-13 Issue 3.0 (RPG)

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Issue 3.0
OHM-13 is the last version of Omni Humana Model androids produced by Andrithon Scientific. Never put into production and shut down in storage, OHM-13 has returned to consciousness. The nascent artificial being developed quickly and has stylized itself as a leader and thinker for all of machine-kind. Adopting new programing and the moniker of Thinker OHM-13, it searches for technology, resources, and other artificial intelligences to assist with its, and humanity’s, final evolution.

Scions of the Computarchs is a limited series of patron AIs suitable for use in high tech settings like Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, Cyber Sprawl Classics, Crawljammer, Umerica, Terror of the Stratosfiend, and Star Crawl. The third and final issue plots the rise of Thinker OHM-13. Inside is a full patron AI write-up, three OHM-13 patron programs, an appendix that creates artificial bodies for player characters, and a player information handout and campaign notes.

 By James A Pozenel, Jr.

Art by Gerd Altmann, David Fisher, Bradley K. McDevitt, Ramón Perales, Stefan Poag, Matt Sutton, Del Teigeler

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