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A Collection of adventures and supplements for the game CY_BORG

High octane, psychedelic collection of cyber weird adventures. 7 pamphlets, a dungeon-map, a full zine adventure, and a NPC card, for the iconic cyberpunk game CY_BORG. 

Bundle Contents

  • C5 Bundle Box, illustrated by Johan Nohr
  • Fishy Business, giant squid and fish processing plant,, A3 dungeon, by Victor J. Merino
  • Head frozen in vaults enduring, celebrity cryovault heist, trifold pamphlet + A5 card, by Exeunt Press
  • A hundred thousand hackers, electromagnetic pulse device removal, trifold pamphlet + A5 card, by Exeunt Press
  • Prophet of eternity, AI prophet takedown, trifold pamphlet, + A5 card, by Exeunt Press
  • Digital goblin hunt, corrupt digital forest, trifold pamphlet, by Nyhur
  • Encrypted dragon hunt, experimental mech monstrosity, trifold pamphlet, by Nyhur
  • Cascating corpse hunt, DNA degradation mutation, trifold pamphlet, by Nyhur
  • LTTPR VR CAFÉ, VR cyber-90s flavored dungeon, trifold pamphlet, by Phil Jensen
  • Metaphysical Squatter, Optional Character Class, Double-sided A5 Card, by Zach Hazard Vaupen
  • Wiggly Dorpher, new class/weapons/gear/cybernetics/apps/nano/location/foe hyperlinked to DRUGS, A5 zine, by Nyhur
  • PDFs of all the above

CY_BER BUNDLE is an independent production by The Lost Bay Studio and is not affiliated with Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the CY_BORG Third Party License. CY_BORG IS ©2022 STOCKHOLM KARTELL

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