Dawn Imagined (DAWN OF THE DEAD sketches) CD

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Music Inspired by the Original 1977 Sketches For

"I am pleased with my new CD release on Perseverance Records. It affords music important to me a vibrant and darkly creative context in which to be heard.

The music presented here is drawn from different times in my career. A good portion of it is based on themes I wrote when I was discussing the possibility of scoring "Dawn of the Dead" with the director, George Romero. The "Dawn" themes sprang from a strongly felt artistic simpatico that existed between George and myself - a shared understanding and dedication to the creative spirit.

When I ended up not composing the score the themes I'd written began a life of their own. One set extended into a series of electronic pieces, written and recorded in Roswell, New Mexico in 1987. I took pleasure in developing the musical ideas which had held up nicely in the almost 10 years since I'd written them. "Music For Chamber Orchestra" (1981) also came out of the themes I sketched out for "Dawn of the Dead." Its extrapolation into a concert work became one of the most dedicated compositions of my early career. That piece was largely written in Nova Scotia. Go figure.

The music contained on "Dawn Imagined" spans a period of about 30 years and so there is perhaps a journey to be had. I hope you enjoy it. John Kruth speaks to that and more, in his interesting and much appreciated liner notes.

Please let me know what you think. My sincere gratitude goes out to you, my listening audience, and compatriots of the soul. I hope you find herein the mystery I delighted in exploring, while composing this work.

Donald Rubinstein, January 28, 2014
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Track Listing:
1. Dawn Imagined A. (based on thematic ideas written for DOTD) (4:33) (1987)
2. Dawn Imagined B. (3:05) (1987)
3. Dawn Imagined C. (5:38) (1987)
4. Longing Theme (:54) (2007)
5. Roswell Highway (4:09) (1989)
6. Dawn Imagined D. (2:32) (2007)
7. Dovining (6:52) (1983)
8. Music For Chamber Orchestra (based on thematic ideas for DOTD) (7:38) (1980)
9. Valley of Pain (2:47) (1995)
10. Life Gets So Corrupted (3:41) (1995)
11. Fugue For Motorcycle (For the short experimental film "Absolutely Nothing... 22 Miles") (7:00) (2012)
12. Birth of Death (3:18)