Demonion Abyss Broadcast, Twisting Glyt Fork, Petrified Woodcookie Frequency (DVD)

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Commode Minstrels in Bullface started in the early 90s with 7"s, & an lp "Fantastic Picnic". The anon band members are costumed and perform irregularly since the initial vinyl nexus. Here is a quick glimpse of the latest 1 1/2 hour PLUS! long dvd release-- "Demonion Abyss Broadcast, Twisting Glyt Fork, Petrified Woodcookie Frequency"

In the face of an apocalyptic scenario, where chaos reigns and survival becomes paramount, one might not immediately think of tube-driven radios as a means to restore order. However, the dominion of Earth's ending apocalypse can in actions taken be challenged by the power and resilience of these vintage electronic devices usually stuffed or leaking some kind of abysmal horror-thing.  Amidst the ruins and desolation, there lies an occult spewing, insensible-lawless, refinery structure with its labyrinthine corridors filled with metal piping fertilizing itself with chemi-ores & dark unknowns. Within this complex network of rugated and dangerously angled cluttered palps, a flickering hope emerges —tube-driven-radios—-. These relics from a bygone era possess an uncanny ability to transmit signals through the filth-ridden atmosphere that engulfs this filmed world.  While their appearance may seem archaic, it is precisely this simplicity that grants them their strength. 

The absence of intricate circuitry allows these radios to withstand the harsh conditions brought about by the apocalypse. Their durability ensures that communication remains possible even in the most dire circumstances.  As eclipsed survivors navigate through treacherous terrain and face constant threats, these tube-driven radios become invaluable tools for information exchange and coordination through mutating changelings, glyt imps, and sentient skin from macerated mummies. They enable communities to establish moats of communication amidst a sea of chaos, allowing for strategic planning and resource allocation.  In this dark era where technology has crumbled under its own weight, it is through the revival of obsolete devices that we find hope for stranger twisted salvation from a sulfur abyss & unspeakable horripilations hiding in cake.


PIT NOTE: Commode Minstrels in Bullface has made a kind of long form noise visual feast that reminds one of Harry Smith or Derek Jarman's "In the Shadow of the Sun". The demonic images are relentless and constant, accompanied by Commode's music.