Destination Lust: Chicksville U.S.A.! The World Of Love, Sex And Violence (CD)

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 A crazy compilation of the most beautiful 'minor matter' in the world: love, sex and all its varieties!

Rare and interesting things at a spectacularly low price as part of the 'Destination' series on Bear Family.

Welcome to 'Chicksville U.S.A.'! We present more than 30 historical-erotic jewels, pleasurable items from the 1950s and 60s!

What would 'Chicksville U.S.A.' be without the movie goddess Marilyn Monroe and her fellow artist Jayne Mansfield!

There are also plenty of 'bombshells' from the music scene of the time: Pat Morrissey, Kay Martin, Dorothy Collins, Dinah Washington and two rarities from Frances Day as Gale Warning!

Concentrated femininity creates wordless men: burlesque instrumentals by Sam 'The Man' Taylor, Barney Kessel and the Upsetters are the answer.

Hits and rarities are combined here, many for the first time on CD!

The richly illustrated full-color booklet contains song-by-song notes by Marc Mittelacher.

Eroticism and sexuality was officially not an issue in the first decades after the war. But unofficially, behind closed doors, in dark, smoky clubs, strip joints, and under the counter, they let it all hang out. They did it just as wildly as today, but not as obviously. They preferred to sing about it rather than talk about it behind closed doors, because music seemed to be more harmless, although these recordings show the opposite.

The erotic-slippery journey towards lust continues! Erotic voices, such as those of Pat Morrissey, Cleo Laine, Mabel Scott and of course Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, make you want more. With so much concentrated femininity the men are left without words, and Sam 'The Man' Taylor, Barney Kessel and Little Richard's accompanying band The Upsetters respond with burlesque instrumentals. Dinah Washington sings ''the thing'' to her boyfriend and Big Jay McNeely answers with 'Man Eater'.

1-CD with 16-page booklet - 33 Tracks - Total playing time approx. 79:00 min.

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Track Listing

  • Jimmy Gray - Chicksville U.S.A.
  • Barney Kessel - Honey Rock
  • Betty Dickson - Shanty Tramp
  • Debby Moore - I Get A Feeling
  • Marilyn Monroe - I Want To Be Loved By You
  • Dinah Washington - Big Long Slidin' Thing
  • Big Jay McNeely - Man Eater
  • Bill Darnel - Sixty Minute Man
  • Dorothy Collins - Let's Do It
  • Cleo Laine - Let's Slip Away
  • Felix & His Fabulous Cats - Hey Tiger
  • Mabel Scott - Yes
  • Gale Warning (Frances Day) - Met Rock
  • Diane Maxwell - Love Charms
  • Pat Morrissey - Trapped In The Web Of Love
  • Berlingeri & His Orchestra - Lolita
  • Hermanas Serrano - Casanova
  • Jeri Southern - Senor Blues
  • Ken Kash Kwintet - The Dig
  • Johnny Wright - Look At That Chick
  • Gale Warning (Frances Day) - Heartbreak Hotel
  • King Rock & The Knights - Scandal
  • Lincoln Chase - Sweet Torture
  • The Spinners - Slave Chain
  • Que Martin & His Band - Work With It
  • Kay Martin & Her Body Guards - Fever
  • Felix & His Fabulous Cats - Savage Girl
  • Ruth Wallis - Man, It's A Jungle
  • Sam ’The Man’ Taylor - Man, That's Choice
  • The Upsetters - The Strip
  • Jayne Mansfield - Too Hot To Handle (Film Version)
  • Roy Young - Taboo
  • Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers - Can-Can '62