Don't Let the Wolves Eat Our Baby! (MAGAZINE EDITION!)

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Magazine edition with 9 additional pages. 

Don't Let the Wolves Eat Our Baby! Fangoria Magazine Wintertime Exclusive, and is the 4th game featured in our "Halloween Nightmares" series. Fangoria released this game as a FREE Print and Play connected with their 2019 Winter Issue. It was made to fit Fangoria Magazine (8" x 11"), with a smaller map and Foldable Standees, and also simplifies the Halloween Nightmare rules. From here forward these rules may stick. This the Magazine Edition and has 7 pages added. 

On a blizzard ridden night, a family traveling home slides off a mountain road. Their car is seemingly stuck in an embankment. Preparing to wait it out, a pack of wolven Berserkers appear out of the falling snow. Are these crazed people? Or becoming wolves? Or worse wolves becoming man? One thing is certain, the family is now the prey, and must escape! As the beasts descend upon them a desperate cry is heard, “DON’T LET THE WOLVES EAT OUR BABY!”

Players will play as either a Hunted family or wolven Berserkers. The Berserkers must destroy each member of the family. A single family member must escape the North end of the map, while hidden to survive.



CHARACTER STANDEES by Luke Tau (He uses Scrabble pieces) HERE

Game comic created by Charlie Fogel
Cover created by Joseph Lunders
Game Design: Emperors of Eternal Evil