Dungeon Grand Prix : Dagon in 60 Seconds (RPG)

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Dungeon Grand Prix
DCC RPG Compatible

Dagon in 60 Seconds is a new town, hexcrawl, and wild heist set in the world of Dungeon Grand Prix

Remember it's not a race, IT'S AN ADVENTURE! and everything that CAN be in a kart, IS in a Kart!

The Solera family once held estates in that most benighted and witch-ridden
of lands, the ancient province of Averoigne. Their search for greater and more terrible power led them down a path into the blackest of magicks—eventually exposed, they were forced to flee through a dimensional rift after a short but deadly conflict. 

They are now known as the Lords Dagon

For one reason or another, the zeroes have fallen afoul of one (or more!) of the degenerate Lords Dagon. Capricious, cruel, and more than a little crazed, the Lords Dagon offer the unfortunate zeroes a choice: either steal fifty high-end karts from the various Krewes of New Solera in a single night, or drown in the Eibon bay. They have twelve hours.

Failure carries the promise of an imminent and painful death not only for the zeroes, but for their entire families and indeed anyone who ever shook their hand or sold them a po-boy.

Inside you may:

  • Find 50 wild new karts to steal.
  • Drag-race star vampires
  • Partake in Block Parties!
  • Be abducted by Grey Aliens
  • Over 110 ridiculous hexes including: Giant Crocodiles wandering into the road, Skyscrapers of Giant Wasps, Parade Floats of Pirate Ships, and autobody shops operated by Giant Frogs. 



  • Writing by Noora Rose
  • Editing by Jared Sinclair
  • Layout by Glynn Seal
  • Art by Amanda Lee Franck