Dunjon Magik - Beyond the Silvered Pane (CS)

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HDK 80 † DunjonMagik - Beyond the Silvered Pane (CS) Italy

"Your host for this dungeon is that cheerful mercantile dwarf, Marcelanius the Fair. And fair he is, if you are fair with him. Those who try to cheat him find he swings a mean war hammer. After purchasing an old mirror (which proved to be the entrance to many separate planes of existence), he saw a chance to make some money off current dungeon-delving craze and developed his Looking Glass Dungeon (no cracks about Alice in Wonderland)".

Thus in 1978 the adventure "Beyond the silvered pane", a module for the role-playing game TUNNELS & TROLLS, made its debut.

T&T was the funniest and craziest role-playing game in the 80s; what made it unique were the game situations told in the adventures: weird, unpredictable, crazy. The rules of T&T were deliberately few and vague, so much so that players could play a wide range of human and non-human characters in a pluralistic and anti-specist setting.


Thanks to Steven Crompton and the kind folks at Flying Buffalo for allowing us to create the soundtrack of "Beyond the silvered pane". During their childhood, the shady guys who hide behind the DUNJON MAGIK moniker spent many hours in Marcelanius' mocking dungeon: it is therefore an honor to have had the opportunity to compose the soundtrack of its rooms.