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DVNGEON CRAVVL II is a solo arcade-ttrpg.  To play it, you only need a six-sided die and ideally a pencil and paper.

You'll start by creating your adventurer, then, get familiar with the rules (they're real easy you'll see) and when you're all up to speed you can go explore one of the three dungeons found in these pages, each dungeon is randomly created with your die and various tables as you explore them

The goal of the game is to score as much points as possible by exploring the dungeon, finding treasures, avoiding traps and defeating enemies, before your adventurer meets their unavoidable doom.

You can then write down your score and create another hopeful hero to try and best your predecessor.

The three dungeons are presented by order of potential difficulty, but you are free to wander wherever fate of fancy brings you.

Although optimized for a solo experience, the game can also be played with multiple players and you'll find special rules within these pages.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your die and your weapon and go meet your destiny!

32-page zine, written and illustrated by Rémy Gautreau

You do not need the original DVNGEON CRAVVL to play DVNGEON CRAVVL II

PIT NOTE: We printed this in the United States per Rémy's permission. It is a test to see if printing here can help rather than paying shipping costs. The zine is 100% the creation of Rémy Gautreau Publishing. 

32-page zine, written and illustrated by Rémy Gautreau

Printed in Denver

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