RS08 - Freakface!!! Radio Mix

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37 track mix for use with Freakface!!! HN Issue #2
150+ Minutes

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Featuring music by: 

Khand, Cannons Rise, Mode Hexe, Lucian, Flash-Freeze, Gemstone, Basses Abasement, Bdelygma, Mort & Pest, Joyless Noise, Shit & Shine, Volcano Kings, Sorrowing Christ, Aaron Dilloway, T-Bone



“Lucian the Powerful’s Tremendous Tent of Monstrosities” nestled in a small Florida town in October of 1963, soon after came the disappearances. Where was Clay? Or Barry the kind Feed Store worker? Or even the old woman down the street? They all seemed to vanish when that damned tent was put up. Vaughn and Lucinda believe the answers might be within the Tent of Monstrosities itself. Late at night, clipping the fence, the two venture inside. The true story of what happened on this blood-drenched evening comes alive in the pages and gameplay of Halloween Nightmares Horrorgame Magazine.

Freakface postcards

FREAKFACE!!! Postcards. 10 Unique Cards by Commode Minstrels In Bullface. Write your friends all over the world, let them know how you are doing. 

Halloween Nightmare game set

Halloween Nightmares 3 Pack!
Issues #1 Psycho Raiders, #2 FREAKFACE!!! and #3 Sea Evil

"Halloween Nightmares Horrorgame Magazine", a game magazine dedicated to Halloween and the Horrorgame genre.