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38 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Black and white. New.

“O, blighted Gehennom, that fetid, fungal vale, that under-city of mouldering crows and sullen ghosts… Deep, deep beneath where the Khemri raised their towers, deeper than even the deep-holds of the Gholon, where the fires burn downwards… Gehennom, where the hearts of those who dwell within are darker than a Rukh’s coal-black pinions...”

GEHENNOM is a 37-page setting guide, introductory adventure and repository of gameable lore for the UNCONQUERED universe. A lightless subterranean labyrinth of ancient civilizations stacked atop one another, Gehennom takes players deep beneath the megopolis of Tower, where mummified spider-creatures, mutated fungus, sightless tentacled abominations and apocalyptic cultists vie for control over the accumulated relics of aeons.