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Godmonster of Indian Flats is a 1973 American Western horror film written and directed by Fredric Hobbs, and starring Christopher Brooks, E. Kerrigan Prescott, Karen Ingenthron and Stuart Lancaster. Set in a mining and “Old West” tourism community in northern Nevada, the plot depicts the accidental creation of a giant sheep monster that terrorizes the town, as well as a plot about race relations in the 1970s American West.

The film received little to no theatrical release, but has seen multiple home video (VHS, DVD, video on-demand and Blu-ray disc) runs by genre film distributors in the 45 years since its production.

In an old mine outside of Reno, Nevada, local rancher Eddie discovers a large mutated sheep embryo. Anthropologist Prof. Clemens, along with his assistant Mariposa, take the embryo to his laboratory. Clemens reveals that he came to the area to investigate the mines due to their role in a local legend about a large monster that haunted the area. Clemens discovers that the mine where the monster was found gives off phosphorus vapors which may have caused the mutation. He puts the embryo into an incubation chamber, where it grows into an eight-foot-tall mutant sheep monster.

Meanwhile, in town, a wealthy Black man named Barnstable attempts to purchase some real estate for mining development, but is prevented from doing so by the town’s tyrannical mayor, Charles Silverdale, who wants to preserve the town for “Old West” tourism. Silverdale frames Barnstable for killing a dog (who was in no danger and was actually sent to a nephew in Albuquerque) and attempts to lynch him along with some other locals, but Barnstable evades them.

The monster escapes from Clemens’ lab, and starts wandering the area, where it spooks several children, scares the local population, and causes a man to blow up his own gas station.

Pit of Shadow Note: Truly bizarre and disjointed. Part Western, part Comedy, part Horror but the scenes are not connected, they sort of just happen adding a kind of unattended dream-like aspect as well. It may assure at the 50 minute mark a "what the hell is going on?" effect.

color, mono, fullscreen, 90 minutes. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!!