Joey Castle - Rock & Roll Daddy-O (CD)

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Known for a handful of fabulously rare rock 'n' roll singles, Joey Castle was a mystery man until we stumbled on a collector in Canada who had found out everything there was to know about this elusive New York rock 'n' roller. The photos, the demos, the RCA recordings, and the never-before-told story make this an exciting one-of-a-kind package for Fifties rock 'n' roll collectors, especially those who like the Elvis sound.

Songs include Wild Love, That Ain't Nothing But Right, Lucy Ann, and Phantom Lover.

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1-CD with 16-page booklet, 16 tracks. Playing time approx. 39 mns

Track Listing

  • True Lips

  • Don't Knock It

  • That Ain't No Thing But Right

  • Please Love Me

  • Shake Hands With A Fool

  • Come A Little Closer Baby

  • Wild Love

  • Rock And Roll Daddy-O

  • Marsha

  • That Ain't Nothing But Right (take 12)

  • Lease Love Me (take 10)

  • That Ain't Nothing But Right (take 15)

  • Phantom Lover

  • That's My Secret

  • Cathy

  • Lucy Ann