Johnny Paycheck AKA Danny Young - Shakin' The Blues CD

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Earliest, rarest ...and never reissued recordings... by the all-time king of Outlaw country! Cross-label compilation, 5 previously unissued recordings The foundation of modern country music! Influenced George Jones, and led directly and indirectly to outlaw country. This is hardcore country at its hardest!

PIT NOTE: These are solid tunes from a name that never caught on. It is interesting to hear Paycheck's voice early in his career, it is strong, seemingly wise for its time foreshadowing his rebel way, yet he is still young and green, at the beginning of his Honky Tonk legacy. 

Track Listing

  • I Guess I Had It Coming
  • It's Been A Long, Long Time
  • On This Mountain Top
  • The Old Man And The River
  • Story Behind The Photograph
  • Pictures Can't Talk Back
  • Shakin' The Blues
  • Miracle Of Love
  • Go Ring The Bells
  • One Day A Week
  • I'm Out Of My Mind
  • Second Thought
  • Big Swamp Land
  • I'd Come Back To Me
  • Love Problems
  • Down To My Last Dime
  • Not Much I Don't
  • Don't You Get Lonesome Without Me
  • I'm Glad To Have Her Back Again
  • The Same Old Me
  • A Woman's Intuition
  • Why I'm Walkin'
  • Accidentally On Purpose
  • Above And Beyound
  • Your Old Used To Be
  • Window Up Above
  • Heart Over Mind
  • Hello Walls
  • I Love You Best Of All