Johnny Paycheck - Survivor (CD)

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The title of this album Survivor, was synonymous with the name of Johnny Paycheck. The Search to find just the right music took three months, engaging the talents of some of the best songwriters, of the time period. Listening to this album now, and when it was recorded, it's an amazing retrospective of the life and times of Johnny Paycheck. This release Survivor will be sought after as a Collector's item by all of Johnny Paycheck's fans worldwide! Ten (10) songs never before heard, such as: I'm a Survivor, You're Every Step I Take and I Never Got Over You, just to name a few. This Album will be well received by all true Country fans. Its true roots which is Country style will be an appreciated, refreshing switch from what has become mainstream music in the Country genre. A pleasant, timely and contemporary view of real Country Music!

1 Im A Survivor
2 I Cant Quit Drinking
3 He Left It All
4 IOU Blues
5 Everything Is Changing
6 Palimony
7 Youre Every Step I Take
8 I Never Got Over You
9 Buried Treasures
10 Ole Pay Aint Checked Out Yet