Marching Order Quick and Dirty #4: The Priory of Red Peitor

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Marching Order: Quick and Dirties are short, no-nonsense adventures that fold out into a 12-panel poster. Get in, pillage what you can, and try to get out alive, all in a single session. From escorting knights to robbing wizards, they’re great for a quick game night treat. Oh, and don’t worry—just like any Marching Order delve, they have plenty of bullshit.

“Oh, aye, we escaped with our lives, but not much else. Most of us only suffered bruises and scratches, but poor Brother Julbert has lost his mind and now draws strange symbols with his own shit! I weep for my brothers! This is the work of a great evil, come to rally against Jillum, our God of Light.”

Three nights ago, around midnight, the monks from the Priory of Red Pietor came running out of the woods, screaming of demons and devils. Such behavior is common enough on a Tuesday, but they seemed to be stone-cold sober. There’s been a lot of blathering since then that the mad Prior has allowed unclean things to take up residence in the small building.

None of that concerns you, however.

What does concern you is that the priory has pretty much been abandoned with all its riches still inside. It’s a shame to let it all go to waste, innit? So get your gear together and explore what secrets the brothers left in the woods.