Marching Order Quick and Dirty #5: LET ME OUT!

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Marching Order Quick and Dirties are short, no-nonsense adventures that fold out into a 12-panel poster. Get in, pillage what you can, and try to get out alive, all in a single session. From escorting knights to robbing wizards, they’re great for a quick game night treat. Oh, and don’t worry—just like any Marching Order delve, they have plenty of bullshit.

“Thank you for coming. Do you want a drink? Ah, of course you do.”

Madame Toadlicker decants a foul-smelling liquid from a blue, glass pitcher. The good madame is well known for three things in Rotbottom: being a powerful psychic, running a questionable boarding house, and being able to outdrink 90% of the population. An ethereal mind and a gut of iron; it’s quite the combination.

“I’ve run the House of Fading Flowers for over a decade, since I bought it from its previous owner. I’ve gotten used to my strange boarders and other… guests. One of my tenants, Dr. Alinger Crawful, recently vacated the premises. His rent was unpaid, of course, but I expected that. What I didn’t expect is that he left something behind. I haven’t been able to clean the place out because of the whatever-it-is lurking in the walls.

Take care of this for me, my dears, and I’ll pay you 300 coins. Oh, and I’ll talk with the spirits about your psychic maladies. Looking at the state of you all, I’m certain you have some flaws that need removing.”