Master of the Onyx Tower (Delve for Marching Order)

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Explore a strange tower in this Delve for Marching Order.

*You need the base game for Marching Order to play this delve. 

“Drink up, my friends, for we cannae foretell who will survive the night.”

Grunheld slams a frothing pitcher of ale onto the table. The northerner is either a happy drunk or a mean drunk, and there is never any telling which you might get. It looks like you are lucking out tonight, which is good. You don’t have much coin left to spend, and your mug is almost empty.

“That’s right, you southern softbellies. Ever since the Onyx Tower appeared outside of the city walls a fortnight ago, people have been disappearing every eve. The guard won’t talk about it, but each morning, another person fails to return home. Some claim to have seen weird shadowy beasts howling through the streets in the wee hours of the night. Gossip it may be, but I’ve seen stranger things and have no wish to test my luck.”

Take your Rogues to a strange wizard’s tower and pillage everything in sight! Ponder orbs! Deal with fecal covered imp dens! Live your best Rogue life!


“The Master of the Onyx Tower” introduces two new characters- The Northman Berserker and the Wizard’s Apprentice. In addition, it brings you Dusty Balls tavern, for when you get kicked out of your regular watering holes. The greatest thing about Dusty Balls is it has booze to go, so your Rogues never have to adventure sober again!