Mayan Sun, Aztec Destiny

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This game is hand made.  Quantities extremely limited and crafted when there is time.  

In Mayan Sun, Aztec Destiny: 500 BC - AD 2012 - Beyond∞, players are ancient astronomers reading the stars and sun patterns. Using the Mayan Haab agricultural calendar invented in roughly 500 BC, players inform their villages when to best plant their seeds so that they may grow a tremendous harvest to feed their people. After their seeds are planted, the astronomers recommend rituals to aid in their harvest and their reading of prophecies in the stars, but problems arise. A village conducting a ritual to help their crop could be stealing the power of the sun or cosmos from a nearby neighbor. Droughts may crush other villages.
After crops have been harvested, the ancient astronomers now begin to forecast the prophecies of the stars. Using the technologies found in the Aztec Calendar, the important messages from the sky above may be telling us when and how the world will end. Players wager a bet about the ultimate destiny. With their knowledge of Prophecy they may influence this ultimate end, and also may know the exact date! Could the world end by the fires of a super volcano in 1969 AD, or will an alien race arrive in 2012 AD, or will a super nova occur light years away destroying our planet in 3,000,000,000 years? Players are now trusted prophets and will have the knowledge of the end of time.
The game can be played as either a basic SUN game or an advanced DESTINY game. The basic Sun game involves players moving the tiles by conducting rituals, tile positioning can help or hinder players as they grow crops and collect prophetic knowledge. Players in the basic game will score for the amount of villages they feed and Prophecy tokens they collect. The Destiny game is for players desiring a more involved game in which Prophecy tokens, earned conducting ritual, must be used to either influence the value of villages, investments in the future, and/or influencing how and when the world may come to an end.