Meanwhile, IN THE SUBWAY (RPG import)

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Very neat RPG by Côme Martin in a gigantic Subway Map form.

The subway runs below the city; no map binds it and what happens in its hallways is never completely coherent.
Each station is unique and a source of unexpected adventures.
Each passenger, when met, turns out to be someone amazing.
Sometimes, people leave the subway, bringing the memories and dreams of their stories with them…


· A setting for games such as Itras ByTroika or Electric Bastionland
· A standalone game with its own system which requires a GM and 3 to 5 players, and can be played as a 2-hour one-shot adventure or as a longer campaign
· A beautifully laid-out, double-sided, imaginary subway map you could proudly display in your living room

You'll like this game if you enjoy atypical situations, whimsical adventures and thinking on your feet!



The 90 x 60cm map includes:
· Random lists in the form of subway lines, with dozens to hundreds of stations to generate characters and weird adventure seeds
· A game system based on the interpretation of one-word symbols, to introduce chance in your games rather than deciding whether actions succeed or fail
· Advice on how to run the game, how to add your own content to it and how to insert it in your favorite setting

You can get an idea of what it looks like to run a game of Meanwhile, in the subway by having a look at the following generators for passengers and subway stations.

The game was itchfunded in November 2021 and, thanks to 103 generous backers, received a complete do over by the wonderful Nicolas Folliot!

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