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The fleet has arrived. 
(for Troika!)

Each member, a collection of entities. 

  • The variation engine allowing each member to differ. 

Each member, with its own unique set of variations and weak points. 

  • The balancing engine allowing characters to discover new ways overcome their obstacles. 

The members are as follow 

  • Mu-Stalker: the metal bird. unstable living arcane focuses that attract lightning and warp magic.
  • Mu-Eschelon Siege Captain (exalted): siege masters that tear down walls, command orbital bombardments, and create bone cages.
  • Mu-Yoked of the Eternal Herd: the beasts that can lift planets. covered in glorious un-flesh.
  • Mu-Errant 2: wandering knights armed with tri-lasers. all will fall. (food eaten near them is super tasty)

Within this data as well, 

  • d36 whats on the body: glass, rubble, more glass, and fleet beacons. 
  • The echelon pain configuration grimoire (spells): cursed howling that forces lycans to turn. puppets that mock and topple civilizations. life eternal.


  • Writing & Art - Sean Richer
  • Editing - Jared Sinclair & Jarett Crader
  • Layout - J.C. FRANCO 

“Mu-Echelon is an independent production by Orbital Intelligence and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.”