Necrotic Edifices of Iron and Moon; the depth of time untold (Troika Compatible)

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Imagine that the moon became encased in insects, and each day everyone was subjected to the strange whims of the chitin moon. Whether it manifests as a room full of grease, a lonely hotel, or a Hornado ripping across the countryside while cat lightning scars the earth. 

NEIM is a collection of 18 bizarre images. 

NEIM has tables. 

NEIM is a seed. 

NEIM Is a TROIKA! Compatible collection of:

  • d6 backgrounds 
  • d6 more backgrounds 
  • d6 bestiary entries, featuring sentient toast 
  • d33 of one room adventure world hooks. 

Offering of Dark Space Nachoes:

"Necrotic Edifices of Iron and Moon; the depth of time untold" is an independent production by Orbital Intelligence, LLC and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.