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On behalf of everyone at NOVERIUM Pharma and our parent company, Wuhan-Baxter, we are so excited to welcome you as a clinical test subject in Project Babel!

We are pushing the limits of the human mind and body, and are confident that you, our incredible test subjects of Lot 13, will lead us to a new frontier of discovery and possibility! Please report to your administrator to begin your trial.

In PSYKERS, one to four players portray escaped test subjects with incredible powers on the run from the powerful megacorporation, Wuhan-Baxter. PSYKERS is a game of awesome power and over-the-top violence. Survival at any cost is the objective. Play big, play loud and play dangerously, while still keeping other players' boundaries in mind.

PSYKERS features:

  • Rules-lite procedures for creating a psychic subject and their individual mental powers
  • Power matrixes for designing powers, from simple telekinesis to pyrotechnic supernovas
  • “Escape the Lab”, a sample adventure that tasks you and your fellow subjects with escaping the Wuhan-Baxter clinical trials and dsposing of their tyrannical Director
  • And more!

Logan Dean - writing, design, layout
Alex Mitchell - art
jert! - editing
LF OSR - print production and sewing

16 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", zine, singer-sewn binding, b&w cover and interior, includes removable belly band and three hand-cut character cards. Each zine has been hand-crafted and sewn. Minor imperfections may exist, and have been deemed worthy of the process. 
Includes digital files.

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