RED SOLSTICE Issue 1: The Issue with Meat

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An APA focused on tabletop RPGs, released biannually on the solstice!

 Issue 1: The Issue with Meat

Featuring the work of Andrew Walter, Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Jarrett Crader,  Jason Wardell, Jimble, Luke Gearing, Sam Barrett, Seth Ian, Stella Condrey, Thrift O’Mancer, Tyler Earnest, and cover art by Annika "The Beastiary" Krein

Table of Content

  • Cult of the Natural Obscurantist. A cult themed dungeon of sacrifice and death.
  • Into the Orifice. Rules for sending mothership crewmates into the human body via shrinking technology.
  • Necromantic Body Modifications. A collections of shelly-esque fantastic body modifications broadly compatible with most elf games.
  • LATCHKEY. A set of 6 troika backgrounds based of of cultural detritus.
  • in the woods. A horrific  forest microsetting for use with od&d.
  • Destination: Sobeck. A horrific meat warped sci fi planet with locations and factions.
  • Carnal Nourishment. A twisted butcher shop from hell.
  • Traveling Merchants. Simple rules for generating traveling merchants as well as three example merchants.
  • Meat Magic. 10 meaty spells for troika inducing a random soup list.
  • Peculiar Seamstress Jobs. 10 things you could do for a seamstress in a fantasy world.
  • Rod of Wonder. 36 effects of a chaotic magic item
  • Medical Implements for Purchase and Use. A generator for random medical tools with over 160000 possible outcomes.
  • Weird Guys. A generator for weird little dudes.
  • Tempering Humors: Curses. 4 curses for each of the four classical humors of the body.
  • 1d20 reasons the Squirrel Broke Into Your House. Self explanatory.
  • Forgotten Shrines of the Small Gods. A random generator for Shinto inspired shrines to small and forgotten gods.